A little housekeeping

The purpose of this blog is to bridge the gap between my personal life and my work life. You've been here with me when I bought my house, when Mylo came home, and when I got engaged. You'll be there when Will and I get married in 8 days (it's after midnight here). I wanted to update you about a few things going on, and answer some questions I've been getting over on my personal accounts from some of you.

Where am I?
Well, I'm out on disability for a little bit. The entire team is operating on a skeleton crew right now, and I wanted to put out there how amazing they continue to be when faced with unexpected and challenging times. I've had strep AND bronchitis over the last two weeks, though neither are the reason I am away from my work. I'm not going in to the "why" because I choose to keep that personal, and know that you understand and respect that (hey, there's a reason why I say you guys rock). When the Doctor says it's time to come back, I'll be back. No worries!

OMG Isn't your wedding soon?!
OH EM GEE, yes it is! As previously stated, we're down to eight days. My dress is fitted, all of the decorations are made (minus the centerpieces because of the ninja kitty...), and everything is paid off! We're still doing things like figuring out who sits where and what exactly is going on in our ceremony. Oh yeah! The ceremony will still be streamed on Sunday October 10th. Consider this your invitation :) My husband-to-be is stepping up to the plate and really helping to get things taken care of while I've been sick... and that just makes me feel even better about marrying him!

Other business
Being home means I've been watching entirely too much TV for my own good. I wanted to comment on two things. Remember, nothing in this blog is the opinion of my company... they are my own and do not represent blah blah blah. You know the story (it's at the top of this page!). Not that I expect things to be taken the wrong way!

Rick Sanchez from CNN was let go after some comments he made on a radio show. I met Rick at the Shorty Awards last year, thanks to you! He's a pretty cool dude, and I have nothing bad to say about him. I respect his right to voice his opinion, though I wonder if he was a little low on sleep. The poor guy was pretty run-down at the awards :( I wish him the best of luck with whatever he does, and hope he continues to push into new media and test fun new ways of interacting with the audience.

I want to remind you that the internet is a big and permanent place. Pretty much anything you do online is there forever. I remember my parents giving me this speech about privacy and what I put out on the net and going "Jeez, whatever!" Now, I can't thank them enough (Mom is going "I told you so!" secretly as she reads this probably). The reason I mention this now, is because I don't think that message is getting out to kids clearly. The recent tragedy at Rutgers concerning one student filming another without their consent and posting that online leading to a very VERY unhappy ending is why I bring it up. While I realize the circumstances surrounding this particular situation may involve laws broken beyond invasion of privacy, I wonder if that guy ever got that talk from his parents. I don't think I could ever EVER post something online that would potentially ruin someone's life thirty years from now. So, I ask you to mention this to your kids or people who may not realize what their actions might do down the line. It might save a life.

Alrighty, are we all caught up now? I miss you all, and thank you for your well-wishes and concern during a pretty crazy time in my life! <3



  1. fairuse said...
    I know I never write, pretend the phone is a laptop with forward to voice mail AND think The 11th Dimension exists only for my entrainment.

    But .. but, I say again - This is your week!! First off everyone 'cept the real lucky folks get MedLeave sooner or later. Bummer bug you said. Cool part is bouncing back; sounds like you are. Wish more good luck to zap that.

    Wedding countdown must feel like the rocket launch down Virginia coast (FL launch would be over the top. Even Va scale is more than enough nerves, thrill, fright, elation and last minute "WTF he/she did not order [ right thing | too little of | too much of ] or [ forgot {a, b} | {n, o, p] ] *ALL those little things. Ref: my sisters.

    Wallops Rocket Launch may be "HuH!" for wedding but is close if you think :: -- busy, busy --night before brain working over time on check lists -- quiet wedding procedure 3 2 1 [RINGS KISS {rocket clears tower} ] -- noise clapping ==> party like it's 1925 ==> public (guests) go their way, ya'll go your way - the spirits are pleased.

    End of Part One. Got to go find something. Hint: Stan Ridgeway.

    BBS UNLessDetained ByUSofA KGeeBe
    PennStateGuy said...
    Get well soon and best of luck on you wedding. No heavy lifting on your honeymoon. 8-)
    PennStateGuy said...
    We'll see what kind of guy Sanchez is by his next job. Unfortunately, the big money says Fox News.

    Good comment on online privacy. Kids are not getting the word from parents, schools but most of all the online services themselves how serious other people take their comments and how immortal they all.

    Right now I'm blaming the online services 80% of this. Just look at the mess that Facebook has made. I was talking to my kids about this (and they're 20 and 22) and neither of them realized how violated they are just by clicking a stupid "I LIKE" tag.
    Allison said...
    Glad to see you're back online! Best wishes on getting through this next week and can't wait to see you as a beautiful bride!

    KathyS said...
    Nice to see you back on and blogging. You are the most "Beautiful Bride and Dashing Groom" I have ever seen. Glad to see you getting stronger every day!

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