I would like to share a drink with all of my favorite people! If you have a webcam, join in! 10:30pm sharp! (EST)


Shorty Awards

Well, I guess I'm overdue for a new blog post eh? Been a little busy helping out all of you and preparing for my excursion to New York for the Shorty Awards. I'm sure you've all heard me talking about them on Twitter enough, so I'll spare you the story. I wanted to put up all of the photos and video in one place. Guess this is a good a place as any, eh? :)

Here's the video of me getting the award:

And on to the pics! :)

That's me! OMG!

The SPEECH. You guys wrote this! :)

Makers Mark sponsored. A mighty fine hard cider!

O.M.G. IT'S GROVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Thinkgeek on the left, her boss, TIMMY, and GROVER!

And let's not forget our host for the evening, @ricksanchezcnn who assured me he did NOT pre-game before the awards ceremony. He had "been on a plane since 5 a.m.". Rick, it's ok. I won't tell :P

Now, remember guys. NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT YOU! I can't stress enough how much of a pleasure it is to work with you and guide you through life's little cable troubles. Or talk about the odd and random. Or anything. It doesn't matter, because you all ROCK MY HELLO KITTY SOCKS!