Like many of you, I received and email from Comcast earlier today with a big announcement for you sports fans. ESPN360 will be available starting August 4th (very soon!!) at http://www.comcast.net/360 . This is only available to Comcast Hi-Speed Internet subscribers. So make sure you're up to speed with your internet connections (hahaha, get it? up to SPEED? oh i'm horrible...). If you're having problems, let us know!

Remember, nobody likes a stinky internet connection. 75% of the issues I see with internet connections are NOT outage related. If your connection goes down frequently due to "outages" or you find yourself having to reset your modem more than once a month, we need to check it out for you. As always, we're here to help solve life's little cable problems :)

Now, if only we can solve life's little housing problems I'd be set! :P



For those of you wondering about my housing situation, here's the latest update!

The USDA said YES to my loan, so all I'm waiting on now is the actual settlement date. When this happens, I'll be out of the office for a good week... so no surprises! Now, why is the USDA involved in my mortgage process? It DOES seem a bit strange to those of you not residing in rural areas. The answer to that question can be found here.

I'm working on getting the final details hashed out right now, and am understandably VERY stressed out. I have to vacate my current rental on July 31st, so things are coming down to the wire. Over the last few weeks I might have come off of as irritated or short-tempered... to which I apologize for if I sounded that way. I have always, and will always be here for my Customers when you guys need me. When everything settles down again, things will flow much smoother.

So, would you like to take a peek inside my new place? Check it out here! Figured you might want to see what I've been posting about these last few weeks :) Bear with my spastic first iMovie experience...


Domain Helper

Here's a bit of news to start the day:

Starting today, Comcast will begin trialing a service in several markets called “Domain Helper,” which will impact approximately 3 million Comcast net subscribers. This service will be automatically turned on for customers who live in the following markets

* Portland
* Denver
* Houston
* Seattle
* North Arizona
* Utah
* New Mexico

Domain Helper causes a Comcast-customized error page to display, instead of a standard 404 error page, when a user misspells a website URL or types in any non-existent URL, for example http://www.comtcas.com. Most other major ISPs are providing this same service including Verizon, TWC, Cox, Charter and Earthlink.
Got a question about it? Thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: To Opt-Out of this service, go to https://dns-opt-out.comcast.net


So I get this email from John at Seesmic asking if he could pass along my info to a NYTimes reporter. I'm instantly skeptical because the press and us have a weird relationship. Once I found out that it wasn't about Comcast, that skepticism disappeared.

So this Paul guy emails me asking when we can chit chat and sends me a list of stuff to answer. He instantly found out how the A.D.D. affects me, when he got responses completely off topic. After some clarification, he got the right info :) We finally touched base on SUNDAY when I was at my parent's house in NJ (I wasn't in Delaware). After many failed attempts on skype and several calls to my parent's landline, we finally talked. We later learned all of those failed attempts were due to the mute button on his headset. Oops! Being at the parent's house made this even more "fun" as bets were getting tossed around for how long it would take him to call back again, and my dad making fun of me while he was interviewing me!

So, just a few minutes ago, I get a message from @bradonmoase saying he read the article. I had no idea Paul had finished it! Now I have to grab tomorrow's NYTimes :)

Check it out! I feel special or something warm and fuzzy like that.

New York Times Article about Tweeting

Wow. That's kinda crazy!