SO, I finally took one of those much needed vacation things (sort of) that you all have been telling me about. It's been a busy last week, but totally worth all of the traveling! I got to meet @MrComcastBonnie's dad's side of the family on Saturday. Dad and his wife had a double 50th birthday party, so we headed up to the pine barrens to celebrate! It was VERY HOT, so I didn't last longer than 4 hours before feeling pass-outish. I know now to get myself some gatorade and AC when that starts happening.

Sunday, I spent a whopping hour outside before overheating. 94 degrees with not so bad humidity still makes for bad yardworking conditions. I managed to edge one side of the very long sidewalk at my parent's house before having to throw in the towel. I discovered an extra SIX INCHES of sidewalk though! Kinda like finding buried treasure :)

Monday was supposed to be the Stevie Awards, but we needed to head up to the Cape early... We left around 3ish, hit a TON of traffic in Connecticut (but not NYC during rush hour... weird), and finally got up to Hyannis around 10ish. The Mr. and I went to the beach on a beautiful clear night with a halfish moon. Really nice :)

Tuesday was PHISH DAY!