Say Hello!

This is a personal post, the only thing comcast-related is the appearance of the Comcast bag in the background of the pictures :P

I've spent the last few weeks checking out dogs on PetFinder.com, and stumbled upon several shelters and rescues with dogs I've fallen in love with. After a solid week of hopping from shelter to shelter, I finally found one in Lancaster with a BUNCH of dogs I liked.

Now, this is out of state for me. Lancaster is a good hour and a half drive from my house, so emails were exchanged and applications were filled out prior to me driving all of that distance. Sadly, I arrived only to find out two out of the three I was interested had been picked up by a rescue group. The other little fella had some serious issues with guys.

Imagine the sadness I felt as I was standing at the counter hearing all of this. I was sure this would be the shelter I would adopt from. Did I really just drive forever to go home empty-handed?

Luckily, this wasn't the case! :)

Say Hello to Mylo! He's the newest addition to my crazy family. One of the administrators overheard my story of looking and driving, and asked if I was ok with a dog that needed a quiet and relaxing house with no kids. Of course, the answer was yes! He's a bit of a shy boy, so he takes some time to warm up to folks. He's about a year old, neutered, up-to-date with all of his shots, and has no crazy medical issues. There are bits of Chihuahua (pronounced chee-who-ah-who-ah in my family), Pug, and Terrier in this little guy! Nuzzling up next to you, chin rubs, car rides, and kisses are a few of his favorite things already :)

I can not say enough good things about the Humane League of Lancaster. They are not affiliated with the humane society or SPCA, but they are an AWESOME group of animal advocates. They rely completely on donations, as they receive no funding from their local municipalities they serve. If you'd like to check them out, their site is here.

And now, a few more pics for your viewing pleasure! :)

(p.s. this little bitty dog has a VERY stinky butt)