Wedding pics!

I know you wanted to see them, so here's a few!

 I climbed a caterpillar jungle gym IN MY DRESS. Great picture :)

 We had a cricket problem... 

 Live long and prosper!

 Chucks are the choice of footwear for geeks.

 The army table

 The PIRATE table

 A moment to ourselves

 In your FACE! 

 I didn't realize it said Happy Birthday until I hung it up. I kept it this way... why not?

 Green army men and lego cupcakes from sascupcakes.com

 A little Guitar Hero (Thanks Activision!)

 Aren't we cute?

 You may now kiss the bride

So adorable.  

 Behold the pinkness... and the sparkly. Mmmm sparkly.

 Head table with Star Trek, ball guns, Star Wars confetti

 Geek table. 

 Rockin' out

Oh yeah. Playing with gigantic claw nails.