Remember the other week when I kept posting about storm mode and outages and all of those crazy things? I eventually got so overwhelmed trying to keep up with the outages, that I just started posting the outage maps that we have access to internally (mind you, the folks on the phones don't typically have this tool. It's meant for the monitoring folks). I had one of those lightbulb moments, and thought to myself... why don't we have this online for the customers? I mean, come on. Wouldn't you like a map? My power company does an excellent job with their outage maps and it saves me from calling them when they're probably already overloaded. Ya know?

So here's an example of one of the maps I posted recently. The black dots mean that commercial power is down. The red dots mean there's a full node outage. The yellow dots mean there's something up with the node, but it might not be an outage... could be a node health issue. I'd probably take out the yellow dots in any sort of public version of the map though. Keep in mind, no commercial power, no cable in a lot of instances. Sometimes, this isn't the case though.

Here's a form I whipped up to see what YOU guys want. Yes, YOU. I want your feedback, because you're the ones who would be using it. I don't have much traction to get this going yet, so anything you want to say SPECIFICALLY about this little project I'm taking on :) The more the better. So, sit back, relax, click some dots, and let me know!

As always, you guys are the reason I do what I do. Keep on rockin' :)


  1. Ben said...
    If no power = no cable and no cable = no internet... how useful would an online map actually be?

    I'm sure it would be useful for those who have other access to the internet (smart phones, etc). Just something to think about.
    Anonymous said...
    i would check the outage map because customer service lines are probably swammped during outages. maybe send alerts to my iphone when outage in my area
    fairuse said...
    #1 is right. My last out was at 0400 due to a software update gone wild. Phone lines swamped for several hours. Took a nap, then sent a tweet

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